Week of 10/18- 10/22/2021

Focus of the Week:

ELA– Students will read an informational text how patterns in nature help plants and animals.

Math– Students will use multiplication to divide 6 and 7.

Science– Students will continue the study of plants, how they use energy, their needs, parts of plants, and be able to describe the process of photosynthesis.

Social Studies– Students will learn about Early English Communities.

Homework week of October 18, 2021

Spelling tax, protest, nature, repeat, tiger, wagon, final, legislature, patriot, patterns, sequence, symmetry, lizard, focus, lemon

Monday– Write each word 5 times

Tuesday– Put words in alphabetical order.

Wednesday– Write your definition for each word.

Thursday- Write a sentence for each word.

Practice any spelling words you missed on the practice test today in class. If you made 100 take the night off, YOU ARE A SUPER SPELLER!

FridayNO Homework Final spelling test in class today.

Math Homework

Monday- Multiplication Drill worksheet 6 facts

Tuesday-Multiplication Drill worksheet 7 facts

Wednesday-Additional Practice 4.3 pgs. 43-44

Thursday- Additional Practice 4.4 pgs. 45-46

Friday– No homework

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