Week of 1/24- 1/28/2022

Focus of the Week:

ELA– The students will read a Biography ( The House That Jane Built).

They will analyze the text, correct or confirm their predictions.

Math- Students will complete Topic 13 and review in preparation for the end of topic assessment.

Science- Students will continue to study how Energy changes.

Social Studies– Students will continue learning how people’s lives change when they move to a new country.

Homework week of January 24, 2022

Spelling – travel, donate, patent, benefit, advice, consumer, familiar, generation, community, generous, transformed, invention, telegraph, technology, thunder

Monday– Write each word 5 times

Tuesday. Put words in alphabetical order.

Wednesday– Write your definition for each word

Thursday- Write a sentence for each word. Practice spelling test.

Friday– Spelling Test for students that didn’t make 100% on practice test.

Math Homework

Monday Additional Practice 13.8 pgs. 169-170

Tuesday –. Reteach to Build Understanding13.8 worksheet

Wednesday Build Math Literacy 13.8 worksheet

Thursday- Comparing Fractions with Unlike Denominators (worksheet)

Friday- N/A

Friday- N/A

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