Week of 1/25- 1/29/ 2021

Focus of the Week:

Reading –Students will continue reading poems and explain poetic elements in poetry.

Science- Students will investigate why some apples are red and some are green, and how

you make the biggest fruit in the world through videos and hands -on- activities.

Math– Students will learn how an addition table and mental math can be used to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Social Studies– Students will read about the three levels of government local, state, and national this week.

Homework: Week of January 25th 2021

Spelling: mayor, council, governor, census, local, state, national diagonal, addends, pattern, synonym, claim, sources, model, differences

Monday– Write words 5 times each. Math, Daily Review 8.2 online

Tuesday– Put words in alphabetical order, Math, 8.2 Reteach to Build Understanding online

Wednesday – Write your definition for each word, Math, Additional Practice workbook Mental Math Addition 8.3 pgs. 97-98

Thursday– Spelling Write a sentence using each word.  Spelling practice test, if student made 100% then no spelling homework.  Math, Daily Review 8.3 online

Friday-Spelling Test for all that did not make 100% on Thursday.

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