Week of 4/19- 4/23/ 2021

Focus of the Week:

Reading –Students will learn more about informational text and analyze text structure in a procedural text.

Math-Students will read and write a unit fraction.

Science– Students will examine how physical traits can be influenced by the enviornment.

Social Studies– Students will identify the cultures that have settled in the U.S. , Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Homework: Week of April 19,2021

Spelling: fraction, unit fraction, numerator, denominator, immigrant, frontier, homestead, gold rush, exclusion, awaken, given, sharpen, brighten, loosen, lighten

Monday– Write words 5 times each. Math,

Additional Practice 12.1 solve 2-step word Problems: Addition and Subtraction Pgs. 139-40

Tuesday– Put words in alphabetical order, Math, 12.1 Reteach to Build Understanding online

Wednesday – Write your definition for each word, Math,

Additional Practice 12.2 Solve 2-step word Problems: Multiplication and Division Pgs. 141-42

Thursday-Practice Spelling Test, Math

12.2 Reteach to Build Understanding online

Friday-Spelling Test, No homework

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