Week of 5/24- 5/25/ 2021

Focus of the Week:

Reading – Students will review the informational texts Letter to Principal and Should School Libraries Use E Books?

Math-Students will estimate Liquid volume.

Science– Chemistry Magic: Students will continue to study about different chemicals and how they interact.

Social Studies– Students will read and discuss cultures in warm and cold climates.

Chrome Book Information

Passport School Tech Return: Device Drop Off Days are happening NEXT Thursday (May 27) and Friday (May 28). Bring all school devices to return according to your student’s grade level(s). Please return all devices free of stickers, grime and dirt – Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Be advised if any of the returned items are damaged or missing, guardian will be responsible for it’s replacement.

Please contact the Front Office with any questions (407)-658-9900

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