Week of 9/20- 9/24/2021

Focus of the Week:

Reading – Students will begin reading a realistic fiction story Cocoliso

Math-Students will review Topic 2 in preparation for topic assessment.

Science– Students will continue unit on matter discussing volume and mass.

Social Studies– Students will begin to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month as we

learn about different counties, in class we will highlight Puerto Rico . Students will be assigned a country to make a poster at home and then sharing its customs, traditions etc. to present to class. More information will follow.

Homework week of September 20,2021

Spelling words volume, mass, shelter, skip counting, moving, carried, begged, using, emptied, route, explorer, fort, colony, judge,  mission

Monday– Write each word 5 times

Tuesday– Put words in alphabetical order.

Wednesday– Write your definition for each word.

Thursday- Write a sentence for each word.

Practice any spelling words you missed on the practice test today in class. If you made 100 take the night off, YOU ARE A SUPER SPELLER !

FridayNO Homework Final spelling test in class today.

Math Homework

Monday- Additional Practice 2.4 pages 19-20

Tuesday- Additional Practice 2.5 pages 21-22

Wednesday- Additional Practice 2.6 pages 23-24

Thursday- Pouncing on the 5’s worksheet ( multiplication)

Friday– No homework

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