Week of 11/29- 12/2/2021

Focus of the Week:

ELA– Students will read an informational text and learn how to identify text structure. This week’s title is Earthquakes, Eruptions, and Other Events that Change Earth.

Math– Students will solve two-step word problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Science- The students will classify Plants with Flowers/ Plants with Cones.

Social Studies– Students will learn Why We have Government.

Homework week of November 29, 2021

Spelling – mentor, tutor, friend, ferns, deed, coniferous, volunteer, amendment, flowering plant, characteristic, diagram, heading, photographs, operations, extreme

Monday– Write each word 5 times,

Tuesday. Put words in alphabetical order.

Wednesday– Write your definition for each word

Thursday- Write a sentence for each word. Practice spelling test.

Friday– N/A

Math Homework

Monday Additional Practice 11.3 pgs. 135 -136

Tuesday – Homework: Reteach to Build Understanding worksheet

Pg. R 11.3

Wednesday- Build Mathematical Literacy worksheet pg.M11.3

Thursday- Additional Practice 11.4 pgs. 137 -138

Friday- N/A

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