Week of 9/14-9/18/2020

Focus of the Week:

ELA/Reading- Students will read an informational text Living in the Desert.

Students will use text features and text evidence strategies to help them better understand text.

Writing- Students will continue writing personal narratives including the how to compose setting, problem, and resolution within the narrative.

Math- Students will explore different ways to solve math problems by using different models.

Science- Students will learn how the Sun affects Earth. Students will also discuss gravity and how some things can overcome gravity.

Social Studies–  students will compare and contrast the  three different types of communities. They will discuss what type of community they live in and what they can do to make their community better.

Health- Students will describe healthy behaviors that affect personal health.

Friday- Test with Ms. Hagy.


Spelling Words/ Week of September 14th

shield, lack, exposure, nomadic, landscape, owner, peaches, asleep, display, shadow, dream, braided, charcoal, agree, maintain

Monday- Write words 5 times each, Math, Additional Practice

2-4    pages19-20

Tuesday- Put words in alphabetical order, Math, Additional Practice 2-5    pages21-22

Wednesday- Write a sentence using each word. Math, Additional Practice 2-6    pages 23-24

Thursday- Practice test. Math, Additional Practice. 3-1  pages 25-26

Friday- Spelling Test

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