Week of 5/17- 5/21/ 2021

Focus of the Week:

Reading – Students will review previous standards that passages that relate to time and sequence of events, describing cause and effect within passages and asking and answering questions about stories. ( History text, biographies, and realistic fiction).

Math-Students will continue to learn more about whole numbers as fractions and how to construct arguments to justify their conjecture. ( conjecture is a statement you think is true)

Science– Chemistry Magic: Students meet the alchemists, a historic group that used “potions” to try to transform materials.

Social Studies– Students will read and discuss the difference between producers and consumers. They will also learn the difference of bartering and trading (exchanging goods and services).

Homework: Week of May 17th

Spelling: clumsy, athletic, gasped, nation, trail, fellow, gap, route, droplets, chemistry, stumbled, embarrassed, pecked, consumer, producer, services

Monday– Write words 5 times each. Math,

Additional Practice 13.7 whole Numbers as Fractions: Pgs. 167-68.

Tuesday– Put words in alphabetical order, Math, 13.7 Reteach to Build Understanding online

Wednesday – Write your definition for each word, Math, Additional Practice: 13.8 Construct Arguments Pgs. 169-170

Thursday-Practice Spelling Test, Math 13.8 Reteach to Build Understanding online

Friday-Spelling Test, No homework

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